About Us

Mission Statement: To provide a “hands-on” service that fosters a smooth transition, physically, mentally, and emotionally for senior families downsizing and moving from their current homes into smaller homes or senior living apartments, as well as, providing family members with valuable resources that empower them to make well-informed decisions regarding senior living arrangements for themselves or loved ones.

Moving Memories & Mementos, LLC, is a privately owned and operated full-service senior relocation company focusing entirely on the Senior Market. Based in Dallas, Texas, MMM was established due to lack of services, personal assistance and support for family members needing help finding safe and appropriate senior living communities for their loved ones.

MMM serves as an invaluable tool when a family decides to move, whether the move is based on a desired lifestyle or driven by an immediate need. MMM assists with ALL types and ALL levels of Retirement Living.

Many people, including friends, family, and yes, some healthcare professionals, are unfamiliar with the host of Retirement Living options available to families. Retirement living today is not what it was five, ten or fifteen years ago. One of the goals for MMM is to “Change the face of the Senior Services Industry” through education.

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